Bus Services

The Fleet and Transportation Department is pleased to announce that the KICS bus service is set to be back in operation in August for the academic year 2022-23. We will continue to offer our students the same convenient bus service as in the previous years in most areas within the capital city except the Omdurman area.

With our brand new 8 Mitsubishi Rosa's (20 seaters) and 2 Mitsubishi Fuso minivans (8 seaters), we provide door-to-door service for our students where applicable. Our buses are fully equipped with safety belts, first aid kits, monitors on most routes, and an RFID automated onboard attendance system using the student's ID that notifies the parents that their child/ren has boarded and alighted the bus to ensure the safety of our riding students. 

In connection with the bus RFID attendance system, we also developed a parent mobile app for the bus service parents to monitor their child/children's trip in case of delays, especially drop-offs in the afternoon when traffic congestions are experienced. Of course, your privacy is our priority so this app will only be accessible and installed to bus service parents with the sign-up authentication.

For more information please go through our KICS Bus Transport Booklet

Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact Mr. Marlouie Biag

Telephone: +249 183 215000 Extension 274

E-mail: fleetandtransport@kicsnet.org