New Sudan - presentation by Y6 Students

Last week, the YR 6 students did an incredible job at the Assembly, presenting on why people should come to the new Sudan. The speeches were well prepared and the students showed a lot of passion.  I thought that anyone listening to their ‘sales pitch’ would definitely sign up to visit this beautiful country; the children were very convincing! The presentation focused on various aspects of Sudan, including food, dress, art, important sites to see such as the pyramids and Port Sudan, and general information about the country.


We believe that giving students an opportunity to present in front of a large audience, is an important skill to learn at a young age. Practicing public speaking builds a child’s confidence and ability to face new and challenging situations.


Special thanks to the YR 6 teachers for their dedication and hard work with the students.


We appreciate our parents for attending these Assemblies!


Ms. Nichol Niyibizi

Head of Primary