Creative Arts and Design

The Creative Arts and Design are an essential and rich part of a student’s life at KICS. The Creative Arts Department are truly committed to fostering all-round student development in all of the Arts subjects; Visual Art, Drama, Design Technology and Music. It is a myth to state that one has to be talented to succeed in any of the Arts subjects. With hard work and enthusiasm, almost anybody can gain a good degree of success and enjoyment from any of these subjects. It is well worth pointing out that the Arts subjects are well regarded by universities and employers for the creative thinking skills they develop in students.

In years 7 and 8 the students rotate between Art, Music, Drama and DT. Spending a semester in each discipline. In year 9 the students choose 2 subjects and follow these for the entire year.

In addition to Visual Art, Drama, Design Technology and Music the department also runs extra-curricular Arts activities throughout the year, allowing students to perform or produce art which benefits our community. IB Diploma students are also involved in these projects and earn credit for their CAS portfolios. We can offer a wide range of materials and processes including painting, drawing, photography, printmaking, ceramics, mixed-media and 3D work.