Tution Fees

Tuition Fees

Information on KICS fees and admissions procedures can be acquired through the Admissions Office. Details of current school fees are available on request from the Admissions Director, Mrs. Shaza Bushara at: shaza.bushara@kicsnet.org 

DAL Group Bursaries  

KICS is honoured to receive the ongoing support of DAL Group Company Ltd, in the form of DAL Group Bursaries. Each year the DAL Group provides financial assistance to families facing times of financial difficulty.

DAL Group Bursaries offer varying levels of school fee assistance up to a maximum of 50%. These bursaries are offered solely for existing KICS families. They are awarded on the basis of proven financial need and are not available for families seeking to enrol their children as new students.

A confidential written application should be made to the KICS Principal in the form of a detailed letter outlining the reasons for the application.

Applications Process

DG Bursary & Scholarship Application Forms can be obtained by email or in person from the Acting School Business Manager, Mrs Reem Bashir: reem.bashir@kicsnet.org

KICS IB Diploma Scholarships

IB Diploma Scholarships are offered for students applying for the IB Diploma Programme at KICS (Year 12). As scholarships are competitive, following application to the Admissions Director, all applicants sit admission examinations and are interviewed. 

For more information, please contact Admissions Director, Mrs Shaza Bushara at shaza.bushara@kicsnet.org